Research Reports

All research reports, summaries and presentations are added to the website when approved, and can be found under the respective Programs as well as being briefly summarised under Latest Reports

  1. Reduced confinement of sows and piglets
  2. Herd health management
  3. Healthy pork consumption
  4. Carbon conscious nutrient inputs and outputs


Project Proposals

All proposals need to be submitted through Omnistar – Click here

Budget & Milestone Template – To be used with all Proposals

Commercialisation Proposal – updated July 2014

Final Reporting for Projects

Final Research Report – updated Oct 2015
Project Summary  – updated Oct 2015

Project Reporting Updates

Project Milestone Report – updated Oct 2015
Project Quarterly Report
Project Variation Request – updated Oct 2015

Honours Applications

Honours Application Form

Post Graduate

Extension Application Form


Approval to Publish Request Form – updated Oct 2015

Travel Grants

Travel Grant Process
Travel Grant Application Form


Reimbursement/Claim Form

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