Student Workshop – 2013

Pork CRC supported students presented their research at the Pork CRC/APL student workshop in Melbourne on Sunday, November 24.

Aside from the students briefly presenting on their projects, the day included a talk on ethics and integrity in research by Pork CRC Subprogram 3 Leader, Frank Dunshea of University of Melbourne, an interesting perspective on a diverse career in science by Kurt Zuelke of CSIRO and a topical talk on her developing pig research career by Pork CRC Industry Placement Award recipient Rebecca Athorn of Rivalea.

The student workshop which followed Pork CRC annual stakeholders’ meeting, was backed up, this time around, by the APSA conference, allowing the students to have a great opportunity to meet and network with  both industry personnel and fellow scientists, any one of whom could be a potential future employer or collaborator.

The students and early stage researchers are the pork industry’s future, hence why Pork CRC emphasises education, with all of its four main programs having significant education components.

A fairly recent educational innovation has been Pork CRC’s Industry Placement Awards, where the CRC works with key industry stakeholders to give postgraduates workplace positions, with initial shared funding arrangements. David Lines at Australian Pork Farms Group and Rebecca Athorn at Rivalea, both now armed with their PhDs, are two shining examples.

Rebecca, in particular, has matured into a fine presenter, coming a long way from her postgraduate student days at University of Adelaide where she studied closely with Robyn Terry. After completing her honours at University of Queensland investigating ractopamine, Rebecca transferred to Adelaide where she did her PhD. Her thesis was titled Post mating nutritional strategies to improve establishment of pregnancy and litter size in gilts. At Rivalea she works mainly with research projects investigating sow welfare and reproduction, two areas of increasing importance to modern Australian pork production.

Now with APL, Robyn, whose studies were supported by Pork CRC, did an excellent job MC’ing the workshop.

 APL's Robyn Terry Mandy Bowling Jessica Zemitis Patricia Condous Brooke Dearlove_0121 Diana Turpin Dennis Mutton Lechelle Van Breda_0028    

All student presentators on the day are pictured below



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