Innovation Proposals

 Pork CRC Open for Business 24/7

Restless researchers with innovative ideas and creative commercialisation proponents can now access Pork CRC and lodge proposals any time of the day or night on any day of the year.

Pork CRC’s one stop innovation and commercialisation shop is open for business 24/7  to those with creative ideas who can justify funding for projects that benefit Australia’s pork industry, while meeting Pork CRC’s priorities for its four programs
1.  Reduced Confinement of sows and piglets
2.  Herd health management 
3.  Healthy pork consumption
4.  Carbon-conscious nutrient inputs and outputs

Innovation Proposals

Pork CRC has an extensive portfolio of long term projects that will address many of the output milestones. However shorter term projects that represent genuine innovation are sought in related areas that may not be covered in these longer term projects and priorities.  These shorter term Innovation projects will be funded for a period of 12 months and to a maximum of $50,000.

Innovation projects may be designed to fill gaps in our existing knowledge, to address specific Pork CRC milestones or to investigate new science/theories that have the potential to develop system changing information/technologies.

As with all Pork CRC proposals, applications will be judged on the impact of the proposed outcomes on the Australian pork industry, the novelty of the research, the potential of the project to develop IP, the quality of the science and experimental approach, the budget, and the history of the researcher/research team to deliver outcomes on time and within budget.

Applicants must contact Pork CRC CEO, Dr Roger Campbell (08)8313 7683  to discuss their idea before commencing a Pre Research Proposal.

The process for the acceptance and evaluation of Innovation proposals









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