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Evan Bittner, University of Melbourne –Expansion of Australian Pork into the Asian Market – supervised by Professor Frank Dunshea

Ryan Cheng, Flinders University – Exploitation of wastewater grown microalgae for the production of biogas and feedstocks – supervised by Professor Howard Fallowfield.

Patricia Condous - web

Patricia Condous, University of Adelaide – Effect of swing-sided farrowing crates on sow and litter performance, behaviour and welfare – supervised by Dr Will van Wettere

Emma Greenwood

Emma Greenwood, University of Adelaide – Optimising the management of group-housed gestating sows – supervised by Professor Paul Hughes, SARDI

Sarita Guy

Sarita Guy, University of Sydney – Genetic aspects of disease tolerance in pigs –  supervised by Prof Peter Thomson and Assoc Prof Susanne Hermesch of AGBU (University of New England)

Megan Hawley, Flinders University – Advanced integrated treatment of pig slurry for algal biomass production and pig health – supervised by Professor Howard Fallowfield.

Ellen McDonald -web

Ellen McDonald, University of Sydney – Development of a lactational oestrus induction protocol that can be implemented in confinement free sow housing systems – supervised by Dr Jeff Downing


Karen Moore_0009

Karen Moore, University of Melbourne –  Optimising the production of male pigs immunised against gonadotrophin releasing hormone – supervised by Prof Frank Dunshea

Giang Nguyen - web

Giang Tuyet Nguyen, University of Queensland – Influence of particle size and size distribution of cereals and pulses on digestibility and growth performance of pigs – supervised by Dr Peter Sopade.

Rousset Palou, University of Queensland – Reduction in use of antibiotic through the flavour conditioning with plant extracts and essential oils in piglets – supervised by Dr Eugeni Roura.

Robyn Terry, University of Adelaide – Managing the lactating sow to stimulate lactational ovulation and improve reproductive performance – supervised by Dr Will van Wettere.

Diana Turpin, Murdoch University – Gradual weaning of piglets: effects on performance and gut health – supervised by Professor John Pluske.

Lechelle van Breda web

Lechelle van Breda, University of Sydney – A comprehensive risk factor analysis of E.coli disease in the piggery environment – supervised by Prof Michael Ward.

Megan Verdon, University of Melbourne – Social strategies of sows in groups: the relationships between the social strategy adopted and sow behaviour, stress physiology and reproduction– supervised by Prof Paul Hemsworth.

Nerylee Watson - PPPE 2014

Nerylee Watson, University of South Australia – Long term pork consumption benefits – supervised by Dr Karen Murphy.

Alice Weaver APSA 2013

Alice Weaver, University of Adelaide – Effect of lactation and boar exposure immediately post-partum on ovarian function and expression of oestrus – supervised by Dr Will van Wettere.

Shao Dong Yap - PPPE 2014

Shao Dong Yap, University of Queensland – Project 4C-109 : Enhanced methane production from pig manure in covered lagoons and digesters – supervised by Dr Damien Batsone and Dr Stephan Tait.


Anthony Martyniuk, University of Adelaide – Optimising the management of group housed sows – supervised by Dr Will van Wettere.

Clara Singh, University of Melbourne – Evaluating the behaviour and productivity of sows and litters that are transferred from farrowing crates to Lactation pens – supervised by Prof Paul Hemsworth.

Alan Skerman, University of Queensland – Low cost biogas scrubbers and purification media – supervised by Dr Stephan Tait and Stephan Heubeck, NIWA.



Karunia Adhiputra, University of Melbourne – The effects of packaging of pork cuts and pork sausages on visual, chemical and microbial shelf· life acceptability

Cassie Dickson, University of Adelaide – Effect of feeding strategies at and immediately after mixing on sow aggression, behaviour and subsequent reproduction

Yunling Peng, University of  Melbourne – The effects of packaging of pork cuts on sensory acceptability

Thien My (Jenny) Tran, University of Melbourne – Nutritional composition of pork

Zhengyan (Debbie) Xu, University of Melbourne – Nutritional composition of pork


Julia Huser - PPPE 2014

Julia Huser, University of Adelaide – Split-suckling as a piglet management technique – Summary

Jemma Lumby - web

Jemma Lumby, Charles Sturt University – Measuring novel traits in sows and gilts that may lead to injury and lameness, in order to improve production efficiencySummary

Ingunn Stensland - PPPE 2014

Ingunn Stensland, Murdoch University – Supplementation of lauric arginate in diets for weaner pigs infected with enterotoxigenic E.coli reduces prevalence of post weaning diarrhoea – Summary


Jeremy Ayre - 2014

Jeremy Ayre, Murdoch University – Study of the treatment of anaerobic digester effluent using microalgae as a potential feed ingredient   –  Summary

Mandy Bowling_0104

Mandy Bowling, University of Adelaide – Is heart rate variability a useful welfare indicator for the gestating sow? – Ron Lienerts’ Award winner -2013

Bethany Bowring_0105

Bethany Bowring, University of Western Sydney – Developing quantitative PCR assays to measure ratios of beneficial to pathogenic bacteria in pig faeces as a measure of health or disruption to intestinal healthSummary

Emily de Ruyter_0107

Emily de Ruyter, University of Adelaide – Determine whether piglets from sow controlled housing experience reduced stress and improved performance around weaning  – Summary

Yvonne Lau - web

Yvonne (Yi Wen) Lau, Murdoch University – Piglet behaviour, assessed through quantitative and qualitative measures, under different housing conditions –  Summary

Hannah Lyons_0108

Hannah Lyons, University of Sydney – Development of a two-stage farrowing/lactation system that enables group lactation 12 days after farrowing and facilitates mating during lactation  – Summary 

Josephine Wilkinson_0131

Josephine Wilkinson, University of Sydney – Development of a lactational oestrus induction protocol that can be implemented in confinement free sow housing systems

Jessica Zemetis_0134

Jessica Zemetis, University of Adelaide – Reducing the labour costs and increasing synchrony and predictability of lactation oestrus    –  Summary


Centaine Kaesler-Smith

Centaine Kaesler-Smith, University of Adelaide – Effect of oestrus stimulation immediately postpartum on oestrus expression and ovarian cyclicity of lactating sows

Patricia Condous

Patricia Condous, University of Adelaide – Sub-optimal metabolic status pre-mating increases the risk of embryo mortality    – Summary

Nicole Dron

Nicole Dron, Charles Sturt University – Novel means for collecting diagnostics

Emma Greenwood

Emma Greenwood, University of Adelaide – Identify the effects of high plane feeding in late gestation on the piglets & the sow       – Summary

Amy Suckling

Amy Suckling, Murdoch University – Determine whether there is a difference in the incidence of dark meat between free-range & intensive systems – Summary

Jing Hooi Tan

Jing Hoon Tan, University of Queensland – Optimising particle size distribution –   Summary