Program 1 – Reduced confinement of sows and piglets

Program Leader : Dr William van Wettere (University of Adelaide)

Research to reduce and ultimately eliminate the need for sow confinement during farrowing, lactation and gestation through the development of innovative housing, breeding and suckling systems. Research outputs to also enhance the welfare and future productivity of piglets through innovative weaning processes that stimulate immunity and gut development of the piglet whilst reducing stress.

Research covers three core areas:

SubProgram 1A – Mating and Lactation Innovations

Will van Wettere

SubProgram Leader : Dr William van Wettere ( University of Adelaide) 

Mating and Lactation Innovations to develop novel techniques for inducing ovulation in sows during lactation and new breeding strategies that are consistent with a reduction or ultimate elimination of sow confinement during lactation and the subsequent gestation, and improved production efficiency.

SubProgram 1B – Innovative Weaning Systems


SubProgram Leader : Associate Professor John Pluske (Murdoch University)

Innovative Weaning Systems using controlled separation of the sow and piglet during lactation without compromising welfare, to reduce weaning stress and eliminate the post weaning growth check. Innovative weaning technologies including new housing systems, multi-suckling strategies and the development of nutritional supplements to ensure optimal gut integrity and high levels of piglet immunity that enhance piglet quality and optimise lifetime productivity

SubProgram 1C – Management of Sows in Groups


SubProgram Leader : Professor Paul Hemsworth (University of Melbourne)

Management of Sows in Groups investigates the complex and challenging interactions between sows housed in groups. Development of optimum management procedures for group housed sows while accommodating their individual requirements for nutrition, maintenance of health and well-being is required.

Research and Final Reports

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