Enrichment Block

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The sow enrichment block, developed out of Pork CRC Program One research into how nutritional strategies could reduce aggression in group housed sows, changes the behaviour of newly mixed, unfamiliar sows by minimising harmful behaviour and increasing contentment. It offers an outlet for sows to naturally forage and suits a range of housing systems, including fully and partially slatted systems, unlike other forms of enrichment such as straw which blocks drains. The Ridley Sow Enrichment Block is now successfully marketed in Australia, with USA, Canada and Europe currently being investigated for distribution opportunities, while an international patent is pending.

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Fig 1: Hanging the Ridley Enrich Sow Block is an effective method of use.


Fig 2: The Ridley Enrich Sow Block can be effectively placed in the pen – unattached or loose.


Fig 3: The packaging of the Ridley Enrich SowBlock™ can be safely consumed by sows