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Below are some attachments from the two Loose housing seminars that have been held in New Zealand in the past two years.

The work was presented by Massey University and was part funded by government funding agency, NZ Sustainable Farming Fund, which is administered through Ministry for Primary Industries (formally MAF). The work covers conversions done on 25 farms, and 15 of those were presented at farmer seminars. There will be a third seminar coming up later this year, comparing production figures a year on from the conversions.

Anecdotal evidence seems to be that most farms have a production drop which they claw back with changes to management and the fact that the sows have now been through the new system.

Dry Sow Management – NZ Seminars – Sept 2011 Adobe Acrobat
Part 1
(1,815 kb)
Part 2 (3,440 kb)
Part 3 (4,514 kb)
Part 4 (3.995 kb)
Part 5 (2,835 kb)
Part 6 (2,562 kb)

Group Housing of Sows – NZ Seminars – Sept 2010 Adobe Acrobat
Gestation Sow Housing EU Regulations
– Sandra Edwards(120 kb)
Group housing systems: How to make them work  – Sandra Edwards(1,071 kb)

C Trengrove – New Zealand

Case Studies – Canada

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