No more missing links with PigLink: do it on-line when & where it works for you

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PigLink, a regular, free Pork CRC supported series of informative and convenient e-seminars, is reaching out to you. While still offering Australian and New Zealand pork producers convenient access to an educational opportunity, without losing productive work time, travel time or having off-farm biosecurity concerns, PigLink is now accessible online.

Rather than downloading a presentation file, viewing it and then having a live Q&A session at a predetermined time, PigLink presentations are now available at a time that suits you, simply by clicking the link and then logging on when a user friendly screen appears. You can pause or stop the presentation at any time and log out and you will be presented with a resume or start over button when you log back into the system.

You can also ask a question at any time during the presentation by typing in a message in the box. Professor Paul Hughes or PigLink presenters will respond to you as soon as convenient.

Pork CRC CEO, Dr Roger Campbell encourages owners, managers, piggery staff and technical services providers to use PigLink and enjoy quick and easy two-way access, from the comfort of your own home, office or piggery, to Pork CRC selected leaders in all fields of pork production.

For help, or further details, contact Professor Paul Hughes, Email or Tel 08 8313 7603 or Pork CRC Research Manager, Graeme Crook, Email or Tel 08 8313 7973