Student Details

List of students and their projects

For full profile & study details for students who have featured in APN articles,  please visit Reduced confinement of sows and piglets, Herd health management, Healthy pork consumption and Carbon conscious nutrient inputs and outputs.

Student Updates

Student workshop, Melbourne, November 24, 2013
Student Workshop, Gold Coast, May 15, 2012
Student Workshop, Adelaide, November 27, 2011

Education Committee

Prof Frank Dunshea (Chair) (University of Melbourne)
Ms Rebecca Smith (Pork CRC)  (Co-ordinator)


Dr Rebecca Athorn (Rivalea)
Dr Roger Campbell (Pork CRC)
Heather Channon (Prog Leader – Prog 3- APL)
Mr Geoff Crook (Pork CRC)
Dr Jeff Downing (University of Sydney)
Dr Darryl D’Souza (SunPork Farms)
Dr Pat Mitchell (Prog Leader – Prog 2 -APL)
Prof John Pluske (Murdoch University)
Dr Will van Wettere (Prog Leader -Prog 1 – University of Adelaide)
Dr Rob Wilson (PIWA )

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