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Pork CRC and APL released the industry publication “Alternative Lactation Housing Systems for Australian Pork Producers” at PPPE 2016It summarises research and experiences with four alternative systems, Combi-Flex pen, 360 farrower, SWAP pen and PIGSAFE pen, while also comparing them with the traditional farrowing crate, based on the sow (behaviour, physiology, body condition and reproduction), the piglet (behaviour, physiology, growth rate and mortality) and the producer (capital cost, labour requirement and OH&S issues). Click here for more

Pork CRC Enhancing Piglet Performance

BEC Piglet Buddy

Piglet Buddy is a formulation based on excellent research on piglet taste preferences conducted for Pork CRC by Dr Eugeni Roura, University of Queensland. It is a low inclusion product (1.5 kg/tonne) to enhance piglet performance immediately after weaning. Piglet Buddy is produced by BEC Feed Solutions. Click here for brochure

Pork CRC/APL Student Workshop

at 2016 PPPE Gold Coast Queensland

Welcoming about 30 Pork CRC and APL supported students to a one day workshop at the 2016 Pan Pacific Pork Expo on Tuesday, May 24, Pork CRC CEO Dr Roger Campbell said the ‘real work’ started once students had finished their studies, whether that be in honours, masters, PhD, post-doc, or if they were part of the Pork CRC’s Industry Placement Program (IPP). “When you finish you probably know as much as anyone about the area you’ve studied, so it’s then up to you to sell yourselves and PPPE is an ideal opportunity, with most of the industry’s key players in attendance”. Dr Campbell added that he was proud to report that about 90% of students from the inaugural Pork CRC now had jobs within the industry. “With the quality of students we have in the current CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork and the very refined focus of our programs, I’m sure we’ll enjoy similar outcomes once this CRC winds up and we transition,” he added.

PPPE 2016 Student Workshop (L to R) Roger Campbell Alice Rainsford Tanya Nowland

Pork CRC CEO Dr Roger Campbell chats to University of Adelaide student Alice Rainsford and Pork CRC IPP Tanya Nowland of SARDI.

PPPE 2016 Student workshop

 Students worked in groups during the Pork CRC/APL student workshop at PPPE 2016.

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MEDIA RELEASE – April 14, 2016 WAPPA PIG DAY OUT 2016 An insightful reflection by animal nutritionist Tony Edwards of ACE Livestock Consulting on how the past 30 years of research has benefited pork producers set the scene for a vibrant 2016 Pig Day Out, attended by about 100 people…

AusScan Advances Animal Nutrition

March 1, 2016 AusScan calibrations have been one of the most valuable technological advancements in animal nutrition in the past 30 years, according to leading South Australian animal nutritionist Tony Edwards of ACE Consulting. Mr Edwards recently addressed an AusScan near infrared reflectance (NIR) workshop for Australian nutritionists and feed-mill…

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Latest Australian Pork Newspaper – June 2016

Latest Australian Pork Newspaper – June 2016

Featuring Pork CRC/APL student workshop PPPE 2016 – Roger Campbell– Page 1 Pork CRC proudly partners productive PPPE – Roger Campbell Page 3-4 Transformational outcomes from Pork CRC Programs 2 & 3 – Brian Luxford Page 6 Pork CRC/APL student workshop PPPE 2016 – Photos Page 19  Click to view online or download a pdf version

Latest Pork Journal

Latest Pork Journal

Mar/Apr 2016

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2014-15 Click here for for pdf version  

Pig Industry Yearbook 2016

Pig Industry Yearbook 2016

Pig Industry Yearbook 2016 edition Industry organisation reviews Industry Personnel listings Supplier company guides