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The University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy campus has earned a reputation as the leading research centre for pig reproduction in Australia in a program which involves close collaboration with industry.

Our research is aligned with the priorities of the Co-operative Research Centre for High Integrity Australian Pork and Australian Pork Limited, and we work closely with SARDI and commercial piggeries in South Australia and interstate, says Will van Wettere.   Read More

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SARDI’s Paul Hughes teamed up with the University of Adelaide’s Roy Kirkwood to present a twenty minute discussion on Gilt Management in which they speak about:

  1. how to set up a gilt for a long, productive life
  2. how to stimulate puberty
  3. choosing when to mate a gilt
  4. keeping gilts cycling after puberty
  5. using Regumate to control timing of breeding
  6. deciding which gilts to cull

The presentation concludes with a simple-to-follow framework to adapt this knowledge to on-farm gilt management.

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